Frequently asked questions...

We have a football game tomorrow night and our scoreboard is not working. What do we do?

Bulte Company sells, installs and services Fair-Play® scoreboards. You can talk to our technician for troubleshooting instructions, and if time allows we will send a repairman or provide a loaner for the game whenever possible. We know how important Friday nights can be.

Our gym floor was flooded, can you repair it?

Yes. We can remove, replace and refinish the damaged areas or the entire floor.

Can you repair our lockers?

Yes we offer repair, replacement and electrostatic refinishing of all lockers.

After the basketball game, our bleachers would not retract, can you fix them?

Yes, with the wear and tear of rowdy crowds and everyday use, adjustments are often needed to keep telescoping bleachers operating properly. Service repair calls and annual preventive maintenance will minimize the chance of untimely malfunctions.

The basketball backstop is stuck in the upright position, how can we get it down?

The winches and cables on a backstop system are operating units with moving parts and require regular inspection and maintenance to keep them operating smoothly. Cable wear is common and winch adjustment or sometimes replacement should be done routinely to ensure that the backstops will raise and lower every time.


Call Bulte Company and we will send out our certified technicians to resolve the issue.